Requesting a Code Review in Visual Studio

As part of working on a team, expect to have code reviewed before checking it into the repository. If you happen to check in before a code review, I’ll show how to still submit a review request on that change set.

In the Team Explorer tab, go to the Pending Changes panel.

Go to Pending Changes

If you have pending changes, you can select Request Review from the Actions list.

Request Review

In the New Code Review panel, select a reviewer and leave a description of the change.

New Code Review

The reviewer can compare changes by clicking the file names and send back comments.

File Compare

Comment Review

The reviewer can mark the status as complete.

Review Complete

Finally, you can check in the change.

Check-in change

If the change was checked in before you requested a review, just go into source control explorer and view the change set in the project’s history. Right click the change set and request a review.

Change history

Request review on checked in change