Syd Mead

Industrial Designer & Visual Futurist

Blade Runner Concept

If you have seen a science fiction film in the 21st century, the vision of the future was influenced by Syd Mead. He is an American Industrial Designer and Visual Futurist. As a designer and conceptual artist, his work shaped how directors visually portray the future and manufacturers design products. He has consulted for companies such as Sony, Minolta, Honda, Disney and Philips Electronics.

Syd was originally hired just for a few days on Blade Runner to do vehicle designs. He reported directly to Ridley Scott and ended up spending weeks on the project. Given his experience as an industrial designer, when he drew the vehicle concepts, he placed them in the environment with backgrounds. This lead to a larger influence than just the vehicle design; his environments became the world around them.


His film credits include Star Trek, Bladerunner, Tron, Short Circuit, Johnny Mnemonic and Mission: Impossible III. His art concepts contributed to Aliens, Mission to Mars, Elysium, Tomorrowland and more